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Creative Innovation Global

World class future-shaping, innovation conference to learn from world-changing innovators, leaders, futurists, inspired thinkers.

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Winner Corporate Event of the Year (international Eventex Awards)

Creative Innovation TV (CiTV)

A place to inspire extraordinary learning, spark curiosity, challenge your thinking and stimulate your brain. It showcases keynotes, debates, highlights and interviews from the world’s leading speakers and thought leaders.

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Inspiring Minds

Leadership programs & workshops to build culture, develop creative and innovation capabilities, align teams and increase productivity for organisations.

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Creativity Australia

A charity and social enterprise that inspires people to find their voice through inclusive, creative programs that transform lives and communities.

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MTA Entertainment & Events

Leading corporate entertainment & event production specialists representing over 2,000 Comedians, Celebrities, Bands, Speakers, Musicians, Circus and much more.

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Tania de Jong AM

Leading Australian soprano, social entrepreneur, creativity and innovation catalyst, businesswoman and keynote speaker.

Watch Tania's TEDTalk:

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Australia's leading feature act presents an innovative blend of music theatre, cabaret, opera, magic, didgeridoo and comedy for conferences and special events.

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About us

At Creative Universe we’ve identified that transformation happens through creativity.

Creative Universe makes the extraordinary possible by helping to create sustainable, aligned and high performance organisations. Our goal is to help develop creative leaders and build a culture of innovation.

We build capabilities in creative thinking and leadership, develop a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, assist in understanding and managing disruption, foster diversity and community and unleash potential of individuals and teams.

We offer you a range of innovative leadership programs, speakers, performers, conferences and special events to inspire your most important asset: your people. Through engaging with our transformational programs you will realise the performance and creative potential of your people and organisation.

Our channels for change include Creative Innovation Global, Inspiring Minds creative leadership, capability and team building programs, Tania de Jong AM and other inspirational keynote speakers, outstanding Australian group Pot-Pourri and MTA Entertainment & Events production company. We support Creativity Australia‘s transformational With One Voice social inclusion programs.

Creative Universe is about what has never been…the art of possibility!

The creative transformation process

What are we thinking

What are we thinking

"Creative thinking is not a talent, it is a skill that can be learnt. It empowers people, adding strength to their natural abilities, which... improves teamwork, productivity and, where appropriate, profits." Edward de Bono

By investing in the creative transformation process you are releasing the full potential of the people who are your organisation’s future. We will provide the catalyst to deliver wellbeing, meaningful leadership, sustainable creative growth and innovation.

We generate a creative universe where your people can fulfil their untapped potential. Then, the innovative wealth of your organisation can be truly realised.

We deliver programs to bring about new thinking, systems, strategies, products, services and much more.

The results: improved performance, productivity, engagement and a healthier, more collaborative organisational culture, now and into the future.

Your people are seeds of potential.

Your organisation is a universe where anything is possible.

Our goal is to restore purpose and meaning to work and life and deliver extraordinary performance and productivity.


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Thursday, 16 July 2015
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Tania de Jong
Friday, 26 June 2015
19 tips to build presence & beat stage fright when speaking in public
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Tuesday, 9 June 2015
Watch the Angel Song music video
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Wednesday, 20 May 2015
Tania sings up a storm at Singularity University in Silicon Valley
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Its easy to make a dollar.
Its a lot tougher to make a difference.

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Phone: +61 (0)3 8679 6000

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Southbank Victoria 3006 AUSTRALIA

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