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Creative Innovation Global events brings together leading thinkers from around Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australia to tackle critical issues and opportunities, and transfer knowledge across sectors. It attracts leaders across sectors from big and small businesses, government, emerging talent, entrepreneurs, innovators, policy makers, educators, philanthropists, and scientists who challenge each other's thinking in an educational and interactive program that covers important subjects from technology and education to innovation, leadership and the economy.

Bringing together diverse leaders and thinkers around powerful ideas enables some truly creative and innovative collaboration and the discovery of solutions that drive productivity and progress.

We need to foster collective leadership, lateral thinking and inspiring initiatives to manage the massive transition ahead.

Bringing together hundreds of leaders from business, government, academia, community, not-for-profits, media and the arts, the aim of Creative Innovation is to explain the drivers of the changes taking place, the implications for the future and the strategies and thinking that governments, businesses, NFPs and individuals will need to adopt to be successful.

The future is exciting, challenging or terrifying! It just depends on your perspective and your capacity to embrace change. Creative Innovation offers an outstanding opportunity to educate, challenge and engage leaders and emerging talent on this transition. The atmosphere of Ci conferences is electric with the buzz of creative minds.

We look forward to welcoming you, your team and stakeholders to one of our upcoming Ci Global future-shaping events.

Our award-winning, future-shaping events offer a rare opportunity to learn with the world's best innovators and thinkers in a rapidly changing world. CI Global events give you the knowledge and tools to develop the agility and mindset you need to inspire your leadership, transform your thinking and achieve business success.

Bring Creative Innovation into your organisation and make the extraordinary possible!

After 7 years of producing inspirational and educational global events, Creative Universe and Creative Innovation Global are excited to offer custom designed special events, programs and conferences for corporations and government organisations.Our goal is to help you develop creative capabilities, agile leaders, build aligned teams and stakeholders and a culture of innovation that helps you to leapfrog your competitors!

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Why Creative Innovation?

From one keynote to one and two day programs of speakers, performers and master classes, we will design a relevant, engaging and cutting-edge program to transform your organisation and inspire your most important asset: your people.

We build capabilities in creative thinking and leadership, help develop a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, assist in understanding and preparing for disruption, foster diversity and community and unleash the potential of individuals and teams.

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