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Inspiring Minds: Extraordinary performance and productivity

Team Building, Creative Leadership, Brainstorming, Capability Building, Keynote Speakers, Mentoring and Training Programs for an outperformance culture.

We offer a diverse suite of exciting new programs, workshops and break-outs that will add an important dimension to the development and recognition of executive and high performing teams and creative-thinking individuals for strategy days, conferences, retreats and meetings.

These programs are custom designed to ensure everyone steps out of their comfort zone and participates, learns and grows together - from short sessions to half, full and two day sessions, as well as keynote speeches, briefings and individual and ongoing team coaching and mentoring.

The programs help to develop a “can-do” culture, create ultimate brainstorming power, improve wellbeing and engagement and unlock leadership potential and innovation capabilities. Programs can be customised to achieve key business outcomes including aligning stressed or dysfunctional teams, developing new strategies and capabilities, building a culture of innovation and incentivizing and engaging key employees and stakeholders.

“The most memorable participative workshop many of us have ever experienced. It proved that working as one team aligned to one outcome, can achieve amazing results.” - Spotlight

Sustained growth in the future can only be achieved by the continuous generation of new, creative ideas and strategies.

Inspiring Minds is delighted to offer a diverse suite of exciting new programs that facilitate unique, creative experiences, executive leadership, training, and break-outs for strategy days, conferences, retreats and meetings.

Tania and her team can design everything from short leadership workshops to full 2-3 day strategic leadership conferences and retreat programs. These are very powerful team building and change tools, and quite different from other management and leadership programs in the marketplace at present.

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